Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 32 Advent Master Returns


Watch full Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 32 online full HD online. Cartoon video Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 32 online for free in HD. Advent Master Returns. Xaviax has his minions begin planting teleportation devices around the world. At the No-Men's Headquarters Len uses his advent deck to awaken the Advent Master, Eubulon. It's revealed that he came to Earth 60 Years prior to warn them of Xaviax but was injured and placed in a cryogenic sleep. Meanwhile, Xaviax recruits Adam from the illusion of Ventara he is in with Sarah, his girlfriend, to once again become Dragon Knight. While Trent becomes a No-Men to help locate Xaviax's transmitters, Eubulon makes Maya the new Kamen Rider Siren. Maya destroys one transmitter as Xaviax watches with Adam who he orders to get close to Len and Maya. After Len destroys a transmitter, he is helped by Adam.

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