Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 8 Kamen Rider Camo


Watch full Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 8 online full HD online. Cartoon video Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 8 online for free in HD. Kamen Rider Camo. Len has barely survived his fight with Torque. Xaviax recruits underground martial artist Grant Staley to become Kamen Rider Camo. While Kit and Drew fight one of Xaviax's monsters, Maya is again contacted by JTC, who wants to meet her. She is then abducted by a mirror monster but is rescued by Len while Grant observes him. Kit and Drew arrive to fight Wing Knight, but end up fighting Camo instead, who later manages to escape. Xaviax then orders Kamen Rider Strike to send in Thrust. Len finds Maya and explains to her about everything Xaviax taking over Ventara. She also believes him when he tells her that Kit is being tricked by Drew. The two are then attacked by the new Kamen Rider.

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