Kannagi Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch anime online stream anime episodes for free you are watching Kannagi Episode 6 English Subbed online for free. Anime Episode guide, Kannagi Episode 6 English Subbed Nagi's Heart-Beating Craziness Jin arranges for Tsugumi to help Nagi with shopping. Nagi is happy at first, until she finds out that the money she got from Jin is too low, and she decides to look for a part-time job to help with expenses. She starts working at a maid café where Tsugumi is also working by request of a friend. Both did not expect to meet acquaintances at the café, until they are surprised by Jin and his fellow clubmates from the art club. Jin, unable to stop looking at Nagi as he found her too cute in her maid attire, ends up causing a scene when she approaches him, and Nagi decides to stop working there.

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