Katanagatari Episode 11 English Subbed


Watch full Katanagatari Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Katanagatari Episode 11 English sub streaming online. Gilt, the Venomous. In a flashback, it is shown how Shikizaki Kiki met Yasuri Kazune back in the Sengoku period. In the present, Togame and Shichika discuss their journey ahead as Princess Hitei finds Togame’s true identity, giving her an even better reason for getting rid of Togame. In the past, Houou and Pengin encounter Emonzaemon and a fight breaks out. While Houou fights Emonzaemon, Pengin watches from a distance, holding the eleventh sword (Dokutō Mekki). Frightened Houou might lose, Pengin makes the mistake of throwing Houou the sword, giving Houou not only the power to hurt Emonzaemon but the insanity that comes with the sword as seen when Houou hurt Pengin after taking down Emonzaemon. Bleeding in the middle of a road, he is found my Togame and Shichika who take him to an inn to heal him. They deduce that he had been cut by Dokutō Mekki and decide to go after Houou in search of the sword. In the present, Pengin wakes up from a nightmare and is about to leave the inn when Emonzaemon appears with the last sword (Entō Jū) to take Pengin down. With Entō Jū being a pair of guns though, the bullets are countered by Pengin’s special abilities which Emonzaemon is able to later counter to fatally shoot Pengin and violently finishing him off. In an abandoned village, Shichika, Togame and the possessed Houou meet and they find that Houou had been taken over by the worst side of Shikizaki’s spirit. After a long talk, the fight begins and ends quickly with Shichika the winner. As they continue on their way to Owari, they talk about what’s going to happen to the Maniwa and how Pengin will now be in charge, unknowing of Pengin’s death. Finally making it to Owari, they stand in front of the setting sun, hand in hand, when Emonzaemon appears and reveals that he knows Togame’s true identity. Shocked, both Togame and Shichika freeze as Emonzaemon pulls out Entō Jū and shoots Togame.

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