Katanagatari Episode 4 English Subbed


Watch full Katanagatari Episode 4 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Katanagatari Episode 4 English sub streaming online. Needle, the Fine. During the fourth month, Togame and Shichika encounter Sabi Hakuhei, one of Japan’s strongest swordsman who challenges Shichika to a duel for their swords. He proves to be much stronger than the other opponents Shichika faced before. Meanwhile, Shichika’s sister, Nanami, is attacked by one of the Maniwa Ninja squads in an attempted kidnapping. Her foes soon discover that Nanami is actually the more powerful of the Yasuri siblings despite Shichika being the head of the family. She quickly deals with them as Shichika defeats Sabi Hakuhei, gaining their fourth sword (Hakutō Hari).

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