Kekkaishi episode 16 English Subbed


Watch anime online, stream anime episodes for free, you are watching Kekkaishi episode 16 English Subbed online for free. Anime Episode guide, Kekkaishi episode 16 English Subbed Lord Uro of the Colorless Marsh.A strange god shows up at school in broad daylight. Yoshimori later finds out that it is Uro-sama who was looking for a kekkaishi who can fix his bed. Shigemori reveals that in the past he went to go fix the bed 50 years ago although Tokine says that Tokiko went to go fix it 50 years ago as well. The next day Shigemori and Yoshimori travel to the Colorless Swamp. Uro-sama opens up a portal to a different dimension in the swamp and Yoshimori jumps in.

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