Kemonozume Episode 11 English Subbed


Watch full Kemonozume Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kemonozume Episode 11 English sub streaming online. The Rain Was Bitter. With Kazuma still recovering from the failed siege at Gakuto's hide out, it shows the daily life of him and the remaining Kifūken. It is hinted that Rie has developed a relationship with Kazuma and is closest to second in command with Toshihiko gone. Ōba reveals that he plans to seize hold of the Kifūken; much to the shock and anger of Kazuma. Though he refuses to hand over the group, it slowly becomes obvious that Ōba has started a corporate take over. With all but three members have deserted the Kifūken group. Kazuma angrily tries to challenge him but to his shock and others, Ōba reveals his true strength with the Kemonozume. In desperation to bring back their old life Rie volunteers to be a Kemonozume. Though Toshihiko calls her and tries to talk her out of it, she goes through with it. In a drugged state, Ōba performs a "surgery". He cuts off her arms and replaces them with Shokujinki arms. He begins to incite rage into her so she will fight against Yuka. He then tempts Yuka to give into her Shokujinki urges, but even in a drugged state she resists. Up until he reveals that he gave Rie, Gakuto's arms; though he says she "took" them. Completely in shock and broken from the news, he induces her anger into rage and has the two women fight now in monstrous forms. Though Rie eventually loses badly to Yuka. Elsewhere Kazuma discovers his origins and much to his shock, he discovers that Harumi was his mother and makes him a "Flesh Eater". He later calls Knife and begs him to kill him. But due to his consumption of octopus as well as his recent habit of drinking alcohol, he loses control and kills Knife.

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