Kemonozume Episode 13 English Subbed


Watch full Kemonozume Episode 13 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kemonozume Episode 13 English sub streaming online. Taste Has Nothing to Do with It. Toshihiko and his allies struggle to stop ÅŒba's ambitions. ÅŒba isn't above using dirty tactics to achieve his victory as he sends a still drug induced Yuka to kill Toshihiko. Though she injures him, he's able to bring her back to her senses. But the battle is far from over as the group and Bon must stop ÅŒba's trap thats set to release a gas that will transform people into Shokujinki. As Bon continues to try and stop the trap, Jin confronts a decapitated head of ÅŒba on his true motives. While ÅŒba claims he's done this for his son, Jin accuses him of doing this because he was rejected by Yuka and Kazuma's mother Harumi. During the battle, Toshihiko also realizes that ÅŒba also killed his stepmother and not his father as he originally thought. After a grueling battle Toshihiko finally wins the battle; though he loses his arm during the battle. He escapes with the others before the government bombs the building and city. The pair are now on a plane, along with Bon, Jin, and Saru. After the destruction and lost of so many lives, Yuka attempts to leave Toshihiko again, believing she'll only bring him pain. She takes a parachute and jumps out, but he quickly jumps after her and confesses his feelings. A small epilogue is shown with the group together in a family like vacation. With Bon and Jin taking a quick snap-shot of Toshihiko, Yuka, and their unseen daughter playing together. And ironically the group is vacationing near the area the couple had been with the elderly couple and though it is still never known whom her father is; Toshihiko's still believed to be the father. And near the end credits Bon's monkey Saru is seen on a fruit cart where he encounters a female monkey he had a romance with and shows she had his babies.

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