Kirakira PreCure A La Mode Episode 8 English Subbed


Watch full Kirakira PreCure A La Mode Episode 8 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kirakira PreCure A La Mode Episode 8 English sub streaming online. The Kirakira Patisserie... Can't Open! As Ichika and the others try to prepare the Kirakira Patisserie for its opening, the Elder shows them the Kirakiraru Pot, allowing them to make objects out of Kirakiraru to decorate the shop. Despite this, the girls still struggle with their individual tasks. Just then, a girl named Emiru Kodama comes to the shop, looking to buy sweets for her friends who each have different tastes. As Ichika tries to come up with an idea, the other girls manage to work together to get the shop ready, giving Ichika the idea of making an animal sweets cake for Emiru. However, another Gummy's allies, Spongen, appears and steals the cake's Kirakiraru, prompting the Cures to go and defeat him to restore the cake to normal. Afterwards, Ichika officially opens the Kirakira Patisserie, where Emiru brings all of her friends.

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