Kokoro Toshokan Episode 11 English Subbed


Watch full Kokoro Toshokan Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kokoro Toshokan Episode 11 English sub streaming online. Joldy's Diary. Upon overhearing Iina's conversation about it with Aruto, Kokoro patiently bides her time and is rewarded with the opportunity to read her father's diary which starts out detailing the calm before the storm before her father Joldy Sun is jolted out of denial about the presence of the war. Meanwhile, a nurse named Kokoro Shindou heading over to the library seeking another book for a young girl named Akari Inoue sets the stage for Joldy to arrive on the scene and see for himself that the city is in a bad way; on December 11, the commanding officer has it explained to him that the enemy has gathered in the nearby city of Ektar and that an invasion is not out of the question. The android July points out the route the enemy is likely to avail in its advance and suggests setting up a choke point; after 13 days of uneventful observation, the enemy making its move leading to July offering her power source to detonate the explosive charges rigged to the bridge. The two countries now at peace, Joldy decides to build his life in the town when Kokoro approaches him accompanied by the townspeople who wish to return the books he lent them which are of quantity requiring far more than a cabin to house, hence the advent of Kokoro Library.

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