Kokoro Toshokan Episode 5 English Subbed


Watch full Kokoro Toshokan Episode 5 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kokoro Toshokan Episode 5 English sub streaming online. The Targeted Library. Iina humming the opening theme as she brushes her hair prior to retiring for the night shows her zeal for photography whose subject of choice is her baby sister Kokoro -- a stewardship reaffirmed alongside Aruto. As if she sensed Iina's vow, Kokoro awakens to spot a hot-air balloon -- and a crime challenge at the door the next morning; Aruto's divergent concourse with Iina making sport of the challenge gives way to Inspector Kajihara arriving with a bunch of female officers to besiege the building and mistakenly arrest Jun who was worried about the girls' safety. Unfortunately, the Funny Tortoise Thief is not daunted as he prosecutes a sequence of disguises and wields the circumstances to his advantage when Kokoro's pet cat kicks the locked book out the window in a panic as it glares at the policewoman who caught it with a hissing growl. Even though Kokoro reasons that he has not yet accomplished his objective and Aruto smells a rat, the Thief is no doubt biding his time and hiding in plain sight for when the time is right; if Kokoro lending out the locked book (aka her father's diary) to the Thief as if it were a library book is not enough, the truth is that the Thief was directed by the girls' father to steal the book while checking in on them, and the Inspector only had to wait a week to catch the Thief.

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