Kokoro Toshokan Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch full Kokoro Toshokan Episode 6 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kokoro Toshokan Episode 6 English sub streaming online. The Comparoid Librarian. Akaha complimenting Kokoro on a job well-done in checking out a book she wants gives way to having it explained that Kokoro is set to attend a librarian training course the next day in another town. While seeing off Kokoro, Iina cannot help but to impart some motherly counsel to her beloved baby sister as the train is preparing to depart while Aruto has complete faith in Kokoro who encounters a lady on the train that keeps her company to encourage her. Registration successfully being conquered does nothing to prepare Kokoro for coming face to face with the comparoid June nor for having it explained that Hibiki Asakura is to lead her through a different training regimen than the other students. Unfortunately for Kokoro, the technique to pass the test is to emphasize expeditious clerical work rather than quality customer service; even with June doing the referencing while she checks books in and out, Kokoro taking to the streets to retrieve an overdue book has the consequence of June following suit and there ultimately being no change in her professional status.

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