Kokoro Toshokan Episode 9 English Subbed


Watch full Kokoro Toshokan Episode 9 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kokoro Toshokan Episode 9 English sub streaming online. A Miracle. An uneventful morning of holding down the fort at the Library sets the stage for Kokoro to have demonstrated that Hikari's cynical personality is very similar to that of Aruto as a child when she questions such things as why Kokoro Library was built where it is and bluntly defines the weaknesses of a Kirin Himemiya novel. Her mother Akari in tranquil waters, Hikari takes very well to Kokoro as the two girls head off to take a bath together before bed much to Iina's anguish. Unfortunately, the headway catalyzed by Kokoro's guidance quickly evaporates the next morning when Hikari learns that Akari is to undergo surgery -- a very difficult procedure that could cost Akari her life in fair weather. Crestfallen that Hikari could end up an orphan like herself along with her elder sisters, Kokoro rushing outside to cry out for her parents' intercession with Iina and Aruto right on her heels secures Akari's survival and prompts Hikari to secretly steal away at dawn much to Kokoro's anguish; Iina recklessly driving her amphibious automobile; Kokoro arriving at the station to a very sentimental scene of Kokoro reminiscing about the good times after handing Hikari all the photos Iina took of their time together which prompts Hikari to acknowledge her human fallibility as the train accelerates.

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