Krypto the Superdog Episode 22 Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars / A Dog's Life


Watch full Krypto the Superdog Season 1 Episode 22 full HD online. Cartoon video Krypto the Superdog 122 online for free in HD. Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars: While the Dog Stars are repairing their ship on Earth, Krypto introduces them to Ace. He is soon mocked because he doesn't have any powers of his own in which Ace isn't bothered by it and he leaves. However, when Snooky abducts Hot Dog without leaving a trace, Ace may be the only one the Dog Stars can count on. They realizes that they underestimated him after Ace showed amazing detective skills. Ace rescues Hot Dog and saves the day. Dog Stars apologize for their immaturity. A Dog's Life: Tired of living like a rat, Jimmy disguises himself as a dog. But when Mutsy's group wants him to join them, he may be in over his head.

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