Krypto the Superdog Season 2 Episode 12 Mechanikalamity / Barrump Barrump


Watch full Krypto the Superdog Season 2 Episode 12 full HD online. Cartoon video Krypto the Superdog Episode 38 online for free in HD. Mechanikalamity: When Mechanikat is rejected as a leader of a club over Glorg, he sets to capture Superdog once again with a very powerful suit of his own. When Krypto and Ace get a distress signal (from their space suits), they land on a planet with Kryptonite dust and soil. With Krypto's weakened powers, will he and Bat Hound defeat Mechanikat's new makeover? Barrump Barrump: Brainy arrives outside Kevin's house, to tell Krypto that a new prankster/criminal is on the loose, so they try to guard a Timestopper, a device that freezes time. Meanwhile Barrump Barrump tries to steal the Timestopper from Kevin, but Kevin uses it to his advantage.

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