Krypto the Superdog Season 2 Episode 4 Andrea Finds Out / Magic Mutts


Watch full Krypto the Superdog Season 2 Episode 4 full HD online. Cartoon video Krypto the Superdog Episode 30 online for free in HD. Andrea Finds Out: Andrea follows Streaky into Krypto's clubhouse and finds out both superheroes' secrets. Meanwhile, Mechanikat creates a Dirtbot on Earth to steal jewels and uses kryptonite against Krypto and Streaky! It's up to Kevin and Andrea to destroy the Dirtbot. Magic Mutts: Mertin the Magic Rabbit is wreaking havoc on the fair. However, things get worse when Krypto is caught in the act as well. Ace has to retrieve Krypto and try and out-magic Mertin with Stretch-O-Mutt!

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