Legend of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 24 Lost and Found


Watch full Legend of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 24 full HD online. Cartoon video Legend of the Dragon Episode 24 online for free in HD. Lost and Found. The Zodiac Master goes after the Ram Powerband again and manages to take it, along with the Snake Powerband. However, when Ling touches it, she has a vision of her Mother of being the Ram Guardian and asks Ang to help her find information about her. Soon they found out she was the Ram Guardian and worked with their Father, who at the time was the Golden Dragon, against the Zodiac Master. In time, they married and had Ang and Ling. However one day, Zodiac Master attacked her. She survived the attack, but lost all her memory of who she was and everything else. They both set off to see their mother at the Ram Temple, but not without the Zodiac Master interfering.

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