Legend of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 26 Double Dragon


Watch full Legend of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 26 full HD online. Cartoon video Legend of the Dragon Episode 26 online for free in HD. Double Dragon. The Emperor of the darkest Yin has returned to life thanks to the Zodiac Master and Ling with four Powerbands. He sets a test for Ling to get the Powerband of the Golden Dragon. She goes to the Dragon Dojo and defeats Ang, Beingal and Xuan Chi, but the Band is not teleporting itself to Ling. Master Chin informs her to take the band from her brother, she must kill him. She cannot do it and ends up crying, tossing the Shadow Dragon Band across the room and telling Master Chin she does not want it anymore. However, Master Chin tells her she has passed her test. Master Chin tells Ang, Ling, Beingal and Xuan Chi that this was a test for Ling to see if she herself can be the Golden Dragon. Master Chin retrieves the Shadow Dragon Band, gets Ang’s Golden Dragon Band and tosses them in the air. The bands combine and fuse for a moment, killing the Shadow Dragon Spirit, then separate to become two Golden Dragon bands, meaning Ang and Ling are now twin golden dragons. They now both go on to take on the Emperor of the Darkest Yin, along with all the other Temple Guardians.

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