Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 1 Episode 47 Bugs and Thugs


Watch full Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 1 Episode 47 full HD online. Cartoon video Looney Tunes Golden Collection Episode 47 online for free in HD. Bugs and Thugs. It begins with Bugs emerging from his hole in a city park, reading the newspaper on his way to the nearest bank, for a withdrawal from his personal depository of carrots. He reads that "Rabbit Season Opens Today" and comments on his pleasure of living in a "more secure" urban environment (miraculously avoiding heavy traffic crossing the street while reading the paper). Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Bugs, Mugsy drives up to the bank, which Rocky invades and robs of an undisclosed sum. Bugs accidentally walks into Rocky and Mugsy's getaway car – mistaking it for a taxi and the giant bags of cash for laundry. Rocky asks Bugs, "How much do ya know?" Bugs fails to realize that he is in the same vehicle as a robber who is asking him what he knows about the hold-up ("Who, me? Oh, I know a lots of things. Two and two is four, Carson City is the capital of Nevada, uh, George Washington was the first President." Rocky responds, "This guy knows too much, Mugsy. We'll take him for a ride") When Bugs becomes too gabby during the ride, Rocky points his gun at him and tells him to shut up. Bugs doesn't stop, so Rocky tells him to "shut up shuttin' up"...

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