Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 1 Episode 8 Water, Water Every Hare


Watch full Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 1 Episode 8 full HD online. Cartoon video Looney Tunes Golden Collection Episode 8 online for free in HD. Water, Water Every Hare. Much like in Hair-Raising Hare, Bugs (after being flooded out of his rabbit hole while sleeping during a heavy rain) finds himself trapped in the castle of an "evil scientist" (the neon sign outside his castle says so, punctuated with a second flashing line, "BOO"), who this time is a caricature of Boris Karloff and needs the rabbit's brain to complete an experiment. When Bugs awakens, he is terrified when he sees the scientist ("Eh, eh, eh, w-w-what's up, doc?"), a sarcophagus ("What's going on around here?") and the robot experiment ("Where am I anyway?"), eventually running away upon seeing all three. The scientist sends out Gossamer (here called "Rudolf"), wearing a pair of sneakers, to retrieve him, with the promise of being rewarded with a spider goulash. In a scene very similar to the one in Hair-Raising Hare, Bugs keeps running until a door on the floor opens and a rock falls into a water pit, where there are crocodiles swimming around. While he is walking backwards and praying to jump over the crocodiles, he bumps into Rudolf. Bugs comes up with an idea ("Uh oh. Think fast, rabbit!") and makes as a gabby hairdresser, giving the hairy monster a new hairdo ("My stars! Where did you ever get that awful hairdo? It doesn't become you at all. Here, for goodness' sake, let me fix it up. Look how stringy and messy it is...

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