Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 4 Episode 10 Sahara Hare


Watch full Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 4 Episode 10 full HD online. Cartoon video Looney Tunes Golden Collection Episode 186 online for free in HD. Sahara Hare. This is another classic battle between Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam (Riff Raff Sam). Bugs pops up out from underground, thinking he has reached Miami Beach, when in reality he is in the Sahara Desert, presumably from "not making that left toin at Albukoike". He comes prepared with a beach chair, sunscreen, sunglasses and even a bucket of carrots. Bugs thinks he has found a nice park when he stumbles upon a water hole and a palm tree. (Much of this scene reuses animation from Frigid Hare.) Meanwhile, Sam, riding on a camel, suddenly comes upon Bugs' tracks and exclaims: "Great horny toads! A trespasser, gettin' footy-prints all over my desert!" Sam orders the camel to move after the foot-prints and then orders it to slow down ("Whoa, camel, whoa!! Whoa!! WHOA!!!! Oh come on, whoa! When I say 'whoa!' I mean 'WHOA!'") before whacking it on the head with his rifle and knocking it out. As Sam scolds the camel for not slowing down, Bugs grabs Sam's keffiyeh and uses it to dry himself. Bugs then asks Sam his catchphrase "Eeehhh...what's up doc?" Sam angrily retorts "I'm no doc ya fleabitten varmint! I am Riff-Raff Sam the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!" Bugs flees and Sam orders his camel to follow Bugs, but it does not run until Sam yells "When I say 'giddy-up' I mean 'GIDDY-UP!' and whacks it in the posterior. Sam runs after the camel and orders it to slow down, repeating his "Whoa" phrase before hitting it in the head with the rifle once again ("When I say 'whoa' I mean WHOA!"). Bugs flees into a deserted French army base...

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