Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 4 Episode 29 Porky's Poultry Plant


Watch full Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 4 Episode 29 full HD online. Cartoon video Looney Tunes Golden Collection Episode 205 online for free in HD. Porky's Poultry Plant. Porky Pig is running his own poultry plant consisting of chickens, chicks, ducks and geese. Porky does his daily morning corn feeding. Later Porky sadly looks at photos of some of his chickens all taken away by a chicken-hawk and he shakes his fists at the poster of that chicken-hawk, vowing to get that hawk once and for all. Soon that very chicken-hawk approaches the poultry plant. Porky raises the alarm and all birds manage to hide except one little chick. The mother hen Henrietta notices that one of her chicks is missing and the chicken-hawk has taken him away. Porky drives his airplane out of the barn and pursues the chicken-hawk. After Porky blows off some tail feathers, the chicken-hawk calls for reinforcements from other chicken-hawks. The whole squadron almost has Porky crash landing but Porky retaliates and the rescue for the chicken becomes a football game. Porky rescues the chick and expels smoke on the chicken-hawk squadron. As the squadron falls, the hens dig a hole and bury the squadron after they land in. As Porky lands his plane, there seems to be another chicken-hawk circling around, but it's only Porky's weather vane.

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