Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 6 Episode 5 Crowing Pains


Watch full Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 6 Episode 5 full HD online. Cartoon video Looney Tunes Golden Collection Episode 301 online for free in HD. Crowing Pains. Sylvester is sneaking to the doghouse in a bush. he tries to steal the bone, but the Barnyard Dawg grabs the paw and looks inside the bush to see Sylvester with a flower in his mouth and several more flowers on his head. After Sylvester deliberately whacks Barnyard Dawg on the head with his dog food dish, Barnyard Dawg gives chase and chases Sylvester on the wall and jumps over a branch, only to get caught by the leash and hangs from the branch by the leash. Sylvester is about to cut the leash with an axe, but Foghorn grabs the blade and Sylvester whacks too hard and vibrates as he goes by the fire wood, and the branch breaks and Barnyard Dawg gets hit on the head and walks off. When Foghorn is telling Sylvester "Let's bury the hat- I say- let's bury the hatchet, but not in anyone's head, boy!" while Sylvester is trying to speak, Sylvester angrily yells "Ah, SHADDAP!" and whacks Foghorn on the head with the bladeless axe and leaves as Foghorn sees stars and still holds the blade. after Henery tells Foghorn that he is a chicken, Foghorn convinces Henery that Sylvester is a chicken. Foghorn sticks Henery in an egg and places it under Sylvester. Sylvester wakes up, thinking he's laid the egg and has become a mother, sings "Rock A Bye Baby" to it then hides the egg when he sees Foghorn coming and Foghorn congratulates Sylvester for laying the egg, only Sylvester realizes that cats can't lay eggs ("Hey, tom cats can't be mothers! Cats don't lay eggs! There's something screwy here!) and Sylvester attempts to detach himself from this egg that suddenly follows him and attaches itself to him and that literally scares Sylvester out of his wits when he thinks the egg is possessed by a ghost. He runs from it and literally does all sorts of things including running into the dog house belonging to the Barnyard Dawg. The dog pulls the cat out and stomps all over him and walks off. Henery, still in the egg, runs into the dog, which causes the dog to trip and fall over. The dog looks at the egg and then at the camera. the scene fades to a mother duck, with her ducklings, who says to herself "Presto, and he lays an egg. And to think for fifteen years I've been doing it the hard way". The egg/Henery finally discovers Sylvester's hiding spot (a barrel), and he starts to burrow himself into Sylvester's skin, presumably for "mock incubation" reasons...

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