Lupin III: Part V Episode 16 English Dubbed


Watch full Lupin III: Part V Episode 16 English Dubbed streaming online. Lupin III: Part V Episode 16 English dub online for free in HD. Let's Talk About First Loves. As Ami and Lupin, Jigen and Goemon converge on the royal palace, King Sinha regains control of Padar. The High Priest attempts to flee and establish an independent regime, planning to crown Princess Dolma in another country with a fake Bloody Teardrop, exposing his true ambitions for personal power. Lupin and Ami arrive and try to convince Dolma to join them. With his men disarmed by Jigen and Goemon, the High Priest makes a desperate attempt to cut a deal with Lupin, which Ami secretly broadcasts across the internet and public channels, causing the High Priest to lose his remaining allies. Dolma takes charge of Padar, publicly solidifying its sovereignty against outside influences and reuniting her people. Later Ami tells Lupin that she loves him, while Fujiko avoids telling Zenegata about her true feelings for Lupin.

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