Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 17 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 17 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 17 Online English dub Declaration of War. Titus reveals that he is a clone of Sheherazade's created using a part of her body and infused with her Rukh to act as her proxy, and he only has a month until his body expires. Mogamett tries to calm him down when Sheherazade herself contacts the chancellor by possessing Titus' body and demands him to return the boy to her. In the occasion, she gives an ultimatum to Mogamett, claiming that eventually the only paths for Magnostadt are to be annexed by either Reim or the Kou Empire and urges him to surrender. Mogamett then breaks Titus and Sheherazade's connection to relieve him from her influence. After explaining the situation to Aladdin, Mogamett is inquired by him about his connection with Al-Thamen and reveals that he and his companions once allied with Ithnan and together, they developed the Dark Metal Vessels but severed ties with them after learning that they entrusted the vessels to non-magicians including Dunya.

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