Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 26 English Subbed


Watch full Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 26 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 26 English sub streaming online. Shimane Prefecture: The Case of Amane Sakaki. At daytime, a falling object resembling a shooting star moves across the sky which is spotted by several Magical Girls across Japan, including a now purified Rin who Kobarin spots, in the street carrying a flower bouquet presumably for her now deceased familiar. The scene then cuts to an unrelated girl named Yakumo Hina (anime original) spots the falling object and attempts but fails to make a wish on it, in the process missing her bus ride. The falling object lands in a forest near Shimane revealing the 'shooting star' to be Amane, alongside Yamada, both the amnesiac main characters of ZANBATSU. Amane then says she has come to slay the gods and walks up the nearby steps while Yamada follows along, roughly connecting and giving way to the ZANBATSU story-line. Yakumo Hina, Amane, and Yamada do the final 4th wallbreaker cutscene talking about their hopes of an animation featuring themselves in it and ending with the "Kashi Komi Kashi komi masu" transformation phrase.

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