Maya and Miguel Episode 65 I Love Maya


Watch full Maya and Miguel Episode 65 online full HD online. Cartoon video Maya and Miguel Episode 65 online for free in HD. I Love Maya. Maya learns that Fabian's new play centers around a 10-year-old girl. Maya is determined to get the part... it's perfect for her. After all, she's a 10-year-old girl. She goes all out to convince Fabian that he should pick her, which he finally does. Maya's thrilled... until she learns that the main character sleeps through the whole play. She switches gears, trying to get others to swap roles with her, but fails. Finally she decides that sleeping in a bed is not her idea of acting, and quits the play. Rosa counsels her to see her commitments through, and a guilty Maya goes back to the auditorium, just in time to crawl into bed and be the "star" of the play. Despite the fact that she has no lines, Maya has fun, and learns the value of keeping her promises.

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