Megas XLR Episode 101 – Test Drive


Stream anime episodes for free, you want to Watch Megas XLR Episode 101 - Test Drive online for free. Episode guide Megas XLR Episode 101 - Test Drive Test Drive In the future, the Earth Coalition is fighting a losing war against the Glorft Imperium, a highly advanced extraterrestrial race with an insatiable hunger for conquest who are currently trying to recover a stolen mech codenamed "Avatar Prototype". Skilled 'mech pilot Kiva wants to send said mech, now renamed "Megas", back to a crucial part of the conflict, but accidentally sends it too far, and Megas winds up in the hands of couch potatoes Coop and Jamie. Worse, Kiva is stuck in the past with these boneheads, not to mention a Legion of really angry Glorft intent on capturing the Megas, even if they have to resort to using the giant UMD Mech to do it.

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