Metalocalypse Season 3 Episode 9 Dethzazz


Watch full Metalocalypse Season 3 Episode 9 full HD online. Cartoon video Metalocalypse Episode 48 online for free in HD. Dethzazz. Toki tries to reunite Dr. Rockso's band, and make his life more successful by investing into the ultimate Zazz Blammymatazz reunion. Dethklok becomes actively engaged to the success of the concert due to the fact that Toki wasted all of the band's vacation fund for their trip to Disneyland on the concert. It is revealed that this is at least the 4th attempt to reunite Zazz Blammymatazz, and the other reunion concerts were canceled for a multitude of reasons, usually revolving around Rockso's drug addictions. The band tries everything to get people to go to the concert, including putting up posters, setting up interviews with the media; but during one final interview, Dr. Rockso's past is revealed, that his fall from fame was caused by a love affair he had with a 14-year-old girl named "Dory McLean" in 1981. This causes Rockso to run away, and hide in a crackhouse. Toki as a result, falls into a deep emotional depression. Rockso attempts suicide by snorting a powerful drug, but the band manages to find and revive the clown. Rockso plays the concert; everything runs smoothly until Murderface shows Toki all the money he got from scalping tickets (consisting mostly of quarters). Toki's irrational fear of quarters makes him panic and accidentally sets fire to the stage. Many die, but in the end Dethklok recoup their money thanks to an insurance claim, and Rockso is reunited with McLean, who is now middle-aged with a young daughter named Chastity (who Rockso becomes interested in).

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