Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 11 Breakup Klok


Watch full Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 11 full HD online. Cartoon video Metalocalypse Episode 60 online for free in HD. Breakup Klok. Continuing from the conclusion of "Dethdinner," Dethklok dissolves and announces the plans for their final performance. To move on, Nathan and Skwisgaar team up with Dick Knubbler to search for a new sound, Murderface decides to run for Congress from New Jersey with Toki as his intern, and Pickles retires from music to open a winery for the world's most alcoholic wine. Each of these ventures fail (Nathan and Skwisgaar cannot find a better sound than Dethklok, Toki accidentally releases pictures of Murderface masturbating, and Pickles's wine causes illness due to steroids in the grapes), and the group sullenly heads for Iceland to play their last show. Toki has begun turning to Magnus Hammersmith as a friend after the events of "Dethcamp," but it is revealed that he is now a member of the Revengencers. At the concert, while Nathan and Pickles struggle with both performing and considering apologizing to each other, Mr. Salacia attacks, slaughtering the fans with his powers before killing Roy Cornickelson. Realizing that the long-feared prophecy is finally coming true, Offdensen evacuates the band underwater, where he finally reveals Salacia's identity to them, addressing him as "The Half-Man" and beginning to tell them the truth of the Metalocalypse.

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