Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 3 Prankklok


Watch full Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 3 full HD online. Cartoon video Metalocalypse Episode 52 online for free in HD. Prankklok. Dethklok's new album begins shipping to countries all around the world and is believed to increase employment and the global economy. Pickles and Nathan begin their "Friender Bender" where they drink all around the world. Murderface intends to spend his vacation prank-calling people and Skwisgaar and Toki become his first victims. They attempt to get revenge by using his credit card to purchase plastic explosives, believing it will get him in trouble, instead they are beaten and apprehended by authorities (along with Murderface). At the same time, a freak storm sinks every ship carrying the album. The only copy left is the master copy located beneath Mordhaus, where a drunken Nathan has a vision of the whale from "Fanklok" (voiced by Samantha Eggar) telling him to destroy the album. Pickles rushes down just in time to see Nathan pick up an axe, believing that the storm is a sign and the album must be destroyed. Pickles attempts to stop him, but to no avail; Nathan destroys the master copy, leaving no copies left.

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