Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 6 Writersklok


Watch full Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 6 full HD online. Cartoon video Metalocalypse Episode 55 online for free in HD. Writersklok. Nathan is having writer's block and cannot seem to write new songs. After the record company hears the new demos and does not like them, their producer Dick Knubbler is fired, and a new female producer, Abigail Remeltindrinc (voiced by Janeane Garofalo), is brought in. Abigail, while being demeaned by the band, completely takes them over and books them for a mandatory vacation. Nathan tries to get Dick Knubbler back, and he agrees to talk to the new producer. The band ends up in a Middle Eastern country where they are repeatedly thought to be women. After a week, due to them not bringing any food, money, or identification they are taken to a palace where a sultan tells them that they are to become new members of his harem and must immediately perform fellatio on him. To prevent this, the band tries to convince them they are Dethklok. Sultan Jamawa (voiced by Jon Hamm) tells them they either perform fellatio or perform a new song that nobody has ever heard. They perform a song as an inspiration for the women to rebel against the soldiers. As Jamawa, his financial advisor, and his army are killed, they are saved by a group of female mercenaries disguised as wives in the sultan's harem. During the credits, Abigail hires Dick Knubbler as an engineer, and at the very end, she knees him in the crotch.

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