Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 7 Dethcamp


Watch full Metalocalypse Season 4 Episode 7 full HD online. Cartoon video Metalocalypse Episode 56 online for free in HD. Dethcamp. Offdensen goes out of town and leaves Nathan and Pickles in charge as Toki goes to Rock-A-Rooni Fantasy Camp where he tries to make friends with other campers. Before leaving, Nathan gives Toki a Mordhaus snow-globe as he leaves; and upon arriving at the camp, Toki is subject to bullying because he is a diabetic. Meanwhile, Skwisgaar and Murderface use Toki's absence as an opportunity to do things they can't do when Toki is around, including watching horror movies and eating candy. Meanwhile, at the camp, Toki discovers that Ludwig (voiced by Soundgarden's Kim Thayil) is being a bully, so he is chased by him, but bumps into Dethklok's former bandmate Magnus Hammersmith (voiced by Marc Maron). Nathan discovers that Magnus Hammersmith (Toki's predecessor who swore revenge on them years ago) is at the camp, and drives there to save Toki along with the rest of the band. Meanwhile, after Toki performs at the camp, Ludwig and his bully friends trip him over and force cake into his mouth, nearly killing him, but Magnus inserts an insulin shot into Toki and saves him. Ludwig then proceeds to smash Toki's snow-globe on the ground just as Nathan and the band arrive. Nathan picks up the smashed snow-globe and chases Ludwig into the forest, cutting off one of his hands as the moon turns red.

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