Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Episode 3 Teamwork


Watch full Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Episode 3 full HD online. Cartoon video Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 3 online for free in HD. Teamwork. Kimberly and Trini attempt to close down a hazardous waste dump. Little do they know Rita is behind the dump site and plans to destroy the earth by pollution. The two girls are soon ambushed by the Putty Patrol. Rita unleashes the powerful Mighty Minotaur onto Earth to keep the others busy. The boys are forced to morph and confront the Minotaur first. He proves to be an overwhelming opponent, and Rita decides to use her wand to make him grow. Trini and Kimberly are able to defeat the putties, and the Rangers summon their Dinozords. Predicting defeat, Zordon recalls them back to the Command Center and awards the Rangers special weapons: Jason wields the Power Sword, Trini the Power Daggers, Billy the Power Lance, Kimberly the Power Bow, and Zack the Power Axe. Working as a team, and combining their new arsenal into the "Power Blaster," will destroy the Mighty Minotaur.

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