Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Episode 2 The Mutiny, Part II


Watch full Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Episode 2 full HD online. Cartoon video Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 62 online for free in HD. The Mutiny, Part II. The Rangers' problems are further jeopardized when the Tyrannosaurus and the Dragonzord both turn on the Rangers and begin to wreak havoc. Responding to Zedd's return, Zordon unveils the more powerful Thunderzords. Only two problems remains. One, the rangers must regain control of the Dinozords before activating the new ones and due to Tommy's weakening powers, he is forced to retain the Dragonzord. Billy thinks he may have the answer, and along with Trini, retreats to his lab while Jason and the others return to the battlefield to confront Pirantishead who has just reactivated the zords. Bulk and Skull separate in their attempt to find out who the Power Rangers are, but find themselves at the wrong end of Pirantishead's flute when he takes control of their Quads.

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