Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Episode 52 Blue Ranger Gone Bad


Watch full Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Episode 52 full HD online. Cartoon video Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 112 online for free in HD. Blue Ranger Gone Bad. Billy makes a special project for art class. This catches the eye of one of his female classmates, Violet, who makes a perfect likeness of Billy. Rita casts a spell on it to make it real to take his place while the others are preoccupied by the Putties. Needless to say, the Rangers are puzzled by "Billy's" odd behavior. Tommy suspects that something's up, which forces Rita to send the Putties and Goldar. Meanwhile, it's the most unlikely source that frees the real Billy. Time's running out and the Rangers don't have their Morphers! The other Rangers don't know which is the real Billy. However, Kimberly saves the day by tricking the fake Billy into giving her a wrong answer when she asks a question about a device that the real Billy knows.

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