Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 Episode 33 Rangers in Reverse


Watch full Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 Episode 33 full HD online. Cartoon video Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 145 online for free in HD. Rangers in Reverse. Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, and Aisha are at the Juice Bar, planning a surprise birthday trip to the Carnival for Kat. While the Rangers celebrate her birthday, Master Vile brings forth the Orb of Doom from beneath the Earth's surface. Immediately, Alpha 5 senses trouble, and Zordon calls the Rangers. He warns them about the effects of the Orb of Doom if it is secured by the villains. The Rangers morph and split into two groups; Tommy, Rocky, and Kat face Rito, Goldar and a group of Tengas, while Adam, Billy, and Aisha face another group of Tengas, being forced to use their Metallic Armor power-up to defeat the monsters. While the Rangers are occupied with the Tengas, Rito secures the Orb of Doom. Tommy attempts to destroy it but cannot penetrate its energy field. Vile activates the Orb, which reverses time on Earth and turns everyone in the near vicinity (the Rangers plus Bulk, Skull, Lt. Stone, and everyone else at the Carnival) into children. Rita, Rito, Lord Zedd, and Goldar then make themselves grow and attack. The Ranger children (who still remember being Rangers, unlike when Lord Zedd reversed time) attempt to morph, but their powers do not work with them as children, leaving them powerless to stop the large villains.

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