Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 2 Episode 11 - Life Is but a Dream


You will Watch Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 3 Episode 1 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Mike Tyson Mysteries Episode 21 After the Marquess mistakes a meeting to read a new mystery as an intervention about his drinking problem, the Mystery Team sets out to assist the husband of a woman in a coma. The Marquess says that as a ghost, he can enter her dream-like state, but the others cannot, so Mike kills himself, Yung Hee and Pigeon with poison so they can accompany the Marquess. Their ghosts find the woman, only to learn that in her coma-dream she is having torrid sex with her step-son. The living members of the team are revived by having their stomachs pumped, and the team decides to tell the husband that they could not find his wife, but the woman wakes up and embraces her husband and, with more passion, her step-son.

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