Mirai Shounen Conan Episode 26 English Subbed


Watch full Mirai Shounen Conan Episode 26 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Mirai Shounen Conan Episode 26 English sub streaming online. Denouement. The passenger ship finds Dyce and Jimsy, who are floating on the detached tail of the Giganto. Meanwhile, Lana uses her ESP powers to find Conan and redirects the ship to find him. Using his last words to ask Conan to take care of Lana, Lao dies. Sometime in the future, the Industrians have settled down and many, including Dyce's crew, have formed families in High Harbor. They are all attending the joint Monsley & Dyce wedding / Initial launching of the Barracuda. Jimsy has formed a strong bond with Tera, who decides to come with him on the Barracuda. Also aboard the Barracuda heading for a new world are hundreds of Industrians, including all of Dyce's crew and their new families. The Barracuda returns to Remnant Island, which has grown quite large after the disaster. All aboard the Barracuda prepare to begin a new life and form a new colony on Remnant Island, with Conan, Lana, Dyce, Monsley, and Jimsy as their leaders. The entire crew celebrates.

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