Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 10 English Subbed


Watch full Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 10 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 10 English sub streaming online. Sayonara, Fa. As the Argama moves closer to the La Vie en Rose to establish contact, Fa is torn between staying with the Argama or returning to Shangri La to be with Kamille and the stress causes her to be overbearing on Judau and the gang over chores. Roux, who is leaving to pick up a new unit from the La Vie en Rose, tells her to be true to her feelings and return to Kamille, but Fa tells her to butt out of her business. Beecha and Mondo send another signal to the Endra so it can pick them up, but on board the Endra Chara Soon tells Mashymre that he is to remain at Shangri La and cease pursuit of the Argama as it is an order from Haman. Mashymre launches anyway with Gotten to capture or destroy the Argama to prove himself. As the mobile suits attack the Argama, Beecha and Mondo try to help by destroying the Argama's dummy meteors, meanwhile Gotten sneaks on board the Argama to make contact with the two. Judua sorties with the Zeta but his beam gun is not charged forcing him to fight hand to hand. Fa launches in the Methuss to repair the beam gun and scolds Judau for being ignorant, Mashymre discovers them so Judau holds him off. The beam gun repaired, Fa delivers it to Judau and takes a hit from the Hamma-Hamma, saving him but disabling the Methuss. Judau repels Mashymre with the beam gun and goes to save Fa, but she tells him to save the Argama instead, he agrees but promises to come back for her. Judau drives off the enemies with help from Roux, who returns with a new core fighter and Mashymre retreats, unaware that Gotten has been captured. Judau tries to go back for Fa, but is stopped by Bright who tells him she is drifting towards Shangri La and they will save her. Judau feels bad that he cannot properly thank Fa for saving him and wonders if she will return, but Roux assures him this is what Fa wants as now she can be with Kamille. Gotten confirms to Bright that there are traitors on board the Argama and as Fa drifts in space she reaffirms her faith in Judau and bids farewell to her friends and crewmates, noting that she will not be coming back.

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