Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 29 English Subbed


Watch full Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 29 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 29 English sub streaming online. Runaway Roux. Judau is still upset about the death of his sister, and stays inside his shuttle. Roux gets him out violently, despite Puru trying to stop her. In the end, Puru realizes she can't replace Leina, but will try to be like a sister to him. He seems consoled, for the moment. In the MS deck, Beecha and Mondo argue with Roux, but then she runs off in the Core Fighter. On board the Axis command ship, Haman tells Glemy that she can handle the titans, and he should take care of the Kalaba Air Force before they can rendezvous with the AEUG. It seems that Team August, now led by Glemy, is not happy being under his command. The Argama receives a transmission about the impending attack on its base, and goes to help. Elle launches in the type-100, Beecha in the Gundam MkII, Yelai in the Core Lander, and Judau launches in the Core Base. Roux is also caught up in the fight which follows. Beecha uses Loux's Core Fighter as a shield, and is distracted by her, and gives the chance for Beecha to destroy the Bawwoo. Glemy escapes, only barely, but Roux blasts off and leaves him in the middle of the desert. Judau and the rest manage to fight off the other teams, but can't pursue, as they need to put out all the fires in the city nearby. Judau blames himself for Roux leaving, but Bright tells him not to take it so hard on himself. The episode ends as Glemy walks through the desert, and watches the Core Fighter fly off into the distance.

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