Moshidora Episode 2 English Subbed


Watch full Moshidora Episode 2 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Moshidora Episode 2 English sub streaming online. Minami Ventures into Marketing. While trying to figure out how to apply marketing to her management, Minami becomes curious about the team's pitcher, Keiichirō Asano, who rarely shows up for practice, and co-manager Ayano Hōjō, who is very shy around others. Yuki mentions that Keiichirō is an alumnus who rejoined his team, but became distant when he heard his favorite teacher got fired for allegedly beating students. Later, Yuki manages to get Ayano to talk about why she wanted to join the club, talking about how she wanted to change herself and make friends with others. Afterward, Minami and Yuki hold interviews with the teammates to find out what they want out of the club. When it comes to Keiichirō's turn, he expresses dislike towards the team's coach, Makoto Kachi, who pulled him out of a recent game as he was concerned for his body's limits. Minami decides she needs to learn to be a 'translator' for the jargon between the coach and the teammates. As a fall tournament takes place, Keiichirō's dropping performance following 100 pitches starts to show as he makes a lot of foul balls. Following the match, as the catcher complains about Keiichirō's throws, claiming he did them on purpose, Makoto, who had asked a fellow pitcher for his point of view following his talk with Minami, manages to voice Keiichirō's feelings to the other teammates. Afterward, Keiichirō starts coming to practise more often.

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