Moshidora Episode 5 English Subbed


Watch full Moshidora Episode 5 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Moshidora Episode 5 English sub streaming online. Minami Abandons Traditional High School Baseball. As the team work on their strategy, designed to reduce the time the pitcher spends on the field and encourage defense, Minami learns Yuki is due to undergo surgery on the day of the exhibition match. It is revealed that Minami used to love baseball when she was little, but as she grew older, her hopes of becoming a professional baseball player were dashed. The exhibition match goes underway, with the team implementing their new strategy to only aim for strikes. While the match appears one-sided, the team notices their improvement as the game goes on. After managing to improve on defense, they start to implement their no bunt strategy on offense which takes the other team by surprise. Despite losing the game, the team feels proud

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