Mysticons Episode 17 - Quest of the Vexed


Watch full Mysticons Episode 17 online full HD online. Cartoon video Mysticons Episode 17 online for free in HD. With Arkayna always bossing her around, Emerald hides her increasing frustration and fury by bottling it up in thirty Vex-Away canisters. During a chase with Kymraw, she accidentally drops one in Centaur Park, causing it to break and infect the centaurs with her own rage. Zarya assures her that it is fine to show her anger at times, even healthy, but Emerald still insists on using the Vex-Away to "calm her". She returns to the park and is shocked to find the canister nearly empty, that her own fury is infecting everyone throughout Drake city. She returns to warn the others, only to find them all under the spell of hate as well. She and Arkayna go to find a negating spell in Malvaron's spell pad. Emerald realizes that his password is, in fact, "Arkayna", signifying his romantic affections toward the princess. Unfortunately, he and Arkayna begin to despise each other under the influence of the Vex-Away. Emerald manages to reverse the fury and anger into kindness and forgiveness. She and Arkayna apologize and plan to spend more time together by shopping at Magi Mall. When the Vex-Away commercial comes on again, Emerald angrily asks it to stop.

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