Naruto Shippuden Episode 192 English Subbed


Stream anime episodes for free, you want to Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 192 English Subbed online for free. Episode guide Naruto Shippuden Episode 192 English Subbed Neji Chronicles. Konohamaru's team asks Neji to talk about Naruto's heroism. Instead, Neji tells them about an incident during the Chunin exams three years prior. While Orochimaru attacked Konoha, two rogue ninja take advantage of the commotion and kidnap Hinata. Neji, Tenten, Kiba, and Akamaru rush out to save her. They're in trouble until Hiashi shows up and saves them, telling Neji that he's the beloved memory of Hiashi's younger brother. Neji realizes Naruto's speech about destiny was right; he isn't just a slave to the clan name...

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