Naruto Shippuden Episode 68 English Dubbed


Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 68 English version online and free episodes. AnimeNaruto Shippuden Episode 68 English dubbed Moment of Awakening. Naruto deduces that Fuka's secret consists of switching bodies to use each corresponding element and that her hair preserves her youth and body. Naruto damages her hair and it takes a life of its own dispensing the body, but Naruto finally kills it with a Rasengan. Meanwhile, Asuma manages to break free of the electric barrier, catch up with Kitane and defeat him in a short fight. Realizing that Kitane is no more, and that his three other companions were killed, Furido causes the 3 other ninja guardians to disappear. But Furido has a backup plan, Sora.

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