Neo Angelique Abyss Episode 11 English Subbed


You are going to Watch Neo Angelique Abyss Episode 11 English subbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Neo Angelique Abyss Episode 11 Online English sub Dark Clouds, Erenfried is determined to prove his Jinx are perfect and impress Director Yorgo. He secretly takes out some units to fight Thanatos. However, the Thanatos attack Jinx and destroy all Erenfried's units with him. Erenfried escapes the attack thanks to Jet rescuing him. He becomes certain that if he obtains more data from Angelique, the Jinx can improve. Meanwhile Yorgo is in an important meeting with Congress about the destruction Jinx has caused to villages as well as its now failing attacks on Thanatos. Angelique expresses wishes to help the Silver Wood Knights as well the Jinx to fight the Thanatos so the Aube Hunters rush in to help with the fight. After, J.D. tells Angelique that since the Jinx are artifacts like himself, they are like his brothers and it pains him to see them broken. He then talks about the mysterious man who is just like him (Jet) and how they are almost like twin brothers. Back at Celestizam, Mathias meets with the Great Elder and later receives a box containing a dagger from him, delivered by René. Nyx receives a call from Rayne that more Thanatos have appeared at Angelique's old school, the Melrose Girl's Academy. The Headmistress tells the group that Sally and Hannah are missing along with a photographer who turns out to be Bernard. The boys fight the Thanatos while Angelique looks for her friends, whom she finds cornered by a Thanatos. Angelique with the help of a broken Jinx kills the Thanatos, but as the episode ends, Angelique is kidnapped by Jet.

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