Nichijou Episode 16 English Subbed


Watch full Nichijou Episode 16 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Nichijou Episode 16 English sub streaming online. Nichijou no Dai-jū-roku-wa. Yūko goes to a reopened coffee shop to order coffee but due to its confusing menu names and the shop's employee not helping explaining it to her, Yūko gives up and orders a small cup of Espresso. Later, Yūko meets up with Mio but when a police officer suspects Mio is the culprit for putting counterfeit dollars in vending machines in the area, he confiscates her bag which contains a Yaoi doujin starring Kōjirō. Mio freaks out and keeps her doujin a secret by knocking out anyone who reads it including the officer, Yūko, an old man and Kōjirō's goat. While doing their school work at a fast food restaurant, Yūko plays a game with Mio and Mai to guess which one of her hands she has hidden an eraser in, which Mai wins by tricking her. Yūko visits Nano's home but Nano freaks out as she doesn't want her secret of being a robot exposed. Unfortunately, the Professor invites Yūko in and reveals the truth about Nano and both of them quickly become friends much to Nano's horror. When Yūko finally goes home, she calmly explains to Nano that it doesn't matter if she's a robot or not, as she's still Nano.

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