One Punch Man Episode 6 English Subbed


You are going to Watch One Punch Man Episode 6 English subbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime One Punch Man Episode 6 Online English sub The Terrifying City. Saitama is shown lazing about and reading manga as Genos studies his unorthodox training methods, recording his every move. Saitama contemplates how much of a pain it will be to keep up the charade of being Genos' master when the cyborg mentions his concern over his inactivity over the past few days; due to an overabundance of C-Class heroes, the Association eventually strike those who are inactive for more than a week from their registry. Shocked and horrified by this revelation, Saitama sets out on patrol. Genos wishes to accompany him but Saitama rebuffs his request, telling his pupil to train himself in patience. In reality, Saitama does not know how or in what way to instruct Genos. Having been out on patrol for two utterly uneventful days, Saitama becomes nervous, as this is his last day to avoid losing his official status. To make matters worse, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic shows up to settle their (imaginary) rivalry, only for Saitama to brush him off. Angered, Sonic attacks, only to have Saitama bite his sword in half. Greatly bewildered by these events, Sonic finds himself intimidated by the irked Saitama, who threatens to hit him just as a bystander sitting next to a boisterous upper-ranked hero revealing to be Tanktop Tiger, who reproaches Saitama's crazed antics; when the TankTop began reveling in public adoration he later enticed Saitama to make a big deal out of it just to entice his own rise in popularity only to be cut down by a hail of exploding shuriken which sends the crowding masses into a panic. Recognizing Sonic to be the culprit, the assailant soon forces his hand by causing havoc around the populated area with a lethal bombardment. While still busy looking for hero work to do, Saitama realizes Sonic had provided him with the pick-me-up he needed and swiftly knocks the latter out cold, saving the day. Later that day around Saitama's old neighborhood, a mysterious being was seen skulking around frightening the few masses who lived in the desolate Z-City; perturbed at not being sent out to deal with it, Tatsumaki berates the assignment staff. They have already sent out A-Class' Golden Ball and Spring Mustache out to the scene. In Z-City the two aforementioned heroes are busy patrolling the streets, wondering about a rumor of a pretty dangerous monster who lives in said area. After finding next to nothing on the job, they eventually find signs of said Mysterious Being and chase after it. Running into Kombu Infinity, who also heard rumors of a powerful group of monsters in the city, engaged the duo and easily swats the best efforts of both aside. Realizing they are outmatched, Mustache dials for reinforcements just before he is swiftly defeated. Upset that his opponents were so weak, Kombu sets out to create the rumor he and his fellow monsters initially heard about; soon after Saitama returns from a market sale, when Kombu notices him as the former relents on not having been able to secure some kombu soup stalk just before the monster attacks him. When next seen, Saitama is just cooking some kombu soup when Genos comes in.

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