Over the Garden Wall Episode 1 The Old Grist Mill


You are going to Watch Over the Garden Wall Episode 1 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Over the Garden Wall Episode 1 Online The Old Grist Mill. Wirt and Greg end up lost in the forest on the way home and are warned by an old man who tells them a monster lurks the forest. Taking them to his oil mill, Wirt and Greg decide to stay for the night but problems rise when the younger brother leaves a trail of candy (a nod to Hansel & Gretel) that a wolf like beast follows. Wirt and Greg struggle to stay alive while evading the beast. They ultimately send the monster into the water turning it into a dog. However, they end up destroying the mill to the old mans anger. He gives the brothers a set of directions home but in chapter 2 it was clear the old man gave them wrong directions to get back at them.

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